Our Man in the Vatican

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Our Man in the Vatican in a three part BBC series which was aired in 2010, the series follows Francis Campbell as he carries out his role as the UK’s official ambassador to the Vatican state. The filmmakers gain unprecedented access into the life and work of a diplomat and the viewer gets a glimpse into Campbell’s real day-to-day life as well as into his ceremonial duties, contributors to the film included former British prime minister Tony Blair.

We have all three episodes available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate between them via the numbered tabs beneath the video player or via the episode titles below. If you want to learn more about what goes on inside the Vatican then consider checking out the BBC documentary Vatican: The Hidden World (also broadcast in 2010).

Episode 1

The first episode sees Ambassador Francis hear the Pope’s New Year address to the diplomatic corps, and also deals with a hastily arranged visit by the British prime minister to the Vatican.

Episode 2

Cameras follow Ambassador Francis as he heads deep into the Vatican for high-level meetings ahead of the G8 summit.

Episode 3

Ambassador Francis heads back to Belfast where he picks up an honorary degree at Queen’s university and then sets about helping to prepare for the Pope’s visit to the UK in 2010.

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