Operation Ore

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Operation Ore was a huge UK police operation which commenced in 2002 following the disclosure by US authorities of thousands of credit card details associated with members of a major child pornography website. It was the UK’s biggest ever computer crime investigation and by the time it had finished it had resulted in 1451 convictions and 493 police cautions. In addition some 130 children were taken out of dangerous homes and put into state care.

The operation was part of a wider global investigation which spanned 60 countries and identified 390,000 individuals who had accessed illegal material. This two part documentary follows detectives as they pursue some of the suspects in the operation, the origins of this video are unknown but it may have been produced and released by the police themselves (Please share in the comments if you have any info?).

Footage included in these films include the arrest and interview of Pete Townshend, the guitarist of the famous rock band The Who. He received a police caution for accessing illegal material, although has always insisted that he was researching a book that he had planned to write.

You may also be interested in the three part documentary series The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles, which followed police officers on an earlier major investigation called Operation Doorknock.

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