Olly Alexander: Growing Up Gay

Published on 16th September 2017 by

Olly Alexander is a popular actor and singer and is best known for being the front man of the British electronica trio Years & Years, but is also known for using his fame as a platform for his activism on mental health, HIV, safe sex and anti-LGBT initiatives. He has spoken extensively about his own battles with depression which he believes are linked to the struggles he had growing up as a gay teenager.

Olly Alexander: Growing up Gay is a 2017 documentary in which Alexander explores mental health problems in the context of the LGBT community and why gay, lesbian and transgender people are more likely to have problems with their mental health. Recent research has suggested that over 40% of LBGT in the United Kingdom people will suffer a serious mental health problem compared with around 25% of the overall population. They are also twice as likely to attempt suicide at some point in their life.

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  • gary 2 months ago

    i really like olly alexander i am also gay


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