Hooligans: No One Likes Us

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Hooligans: No One Likes Us is the first episode in a three part 2002 BBC documentary series on on football hooliganism. Hooliganism in the UK was a major problem in the 1970’s and 1980’s but declined in the 1990’s due to advances in police surveillance intelligence techniques, the proliferation of CCTV cameras, and the ability of the courts to dish out football banning orders at the slightest sniff of disorder.

Hooliganism didn’t go away however, the firms just got more careful and arguably more organised. The crew use secret cameras to film extraordinary scenes in both England and overseas for England away fixtures. The documentary showed that hooliganism was alive and well in English football, the location has just switched from in the ground to the streets.

The second episode in this trilogy is Hooligans: Kicking Off which looks back at the rioting of English hooligans at the Euro 2000 tournament and what happened to the fans involved, and the third part Hooligans: Foreign Fields looks at growing violence in Argentina and Italy.

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