The NHS: A Difficult Beginning

Published on 29th May 2017 by

A one hour long 2008 BBC documentary which looks back at the founding of the NHS, and the difficulties that were encountered politically in making it happen. There were people who were against the idea of setting up the service, and the bulk of the objectors did not come from a political group but from doctors, surgeons, nurses, and dentists who feared that the change to a free healthcare model would destroy their livelihoods. The NHS only happened because of the dogged determination of Nye Bevan, Labour’s Minister of Health.

The documentary was in the run up to the 60th anniversary of the organizations existence and covers the six month period which led up to its birth, the NHS now treats one and a half million people per day every day, and the many professionals who work in the NHS are now concerned that the organization and free at the point of use healthcare is at risk of being destroyed by politicians, the reverse of the situation when it was established.

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