Nazi Pop Twins

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Nazi Pop Twins is a 2007 documentary by British filmmaker James Quinn. He travels to the United States to investigate Prussian Blue, a pop duo made up of twin sisters Lynx and Lamb Gaede. It was filmed over the course of a year.

The film revealed tension between the duo and their mother April, the bands manager, and that there was tensions in their grandparents relationship. Their grandmother Diane threatens to leave her husband Bill as she doesn’t agree with his hard line white nationalist ideology.

The twins are shown in the film trying to distance themselves from the American white pride movement, expressing doubts about whether they really believe in the politics and ideology, that suggests that they were pushed into the movement by their nationalist mother and grandfather. They test non-political material in a Fresno bar and received a warm reception until their true identities are revealed to the crowd.

The twins publicly confirmed in 2011 that neither of them now subscribe to white nationalist beliefs and that both now consider themselves liberal. This isn’t the first documentary to feature the pair, they were filmed a few years earlier for the Louis Theroux episode¬†Louis and the Nazis.

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