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Prince Naseem Hamed was an enigma, a truly charismatic fighter with the ability to entertain like Muhammad Ali. He had the talent, that much cannot be doubted, but he also had a pure arrogance. The fame and money went to his head, and that would ultimately be his downfall.

Naseem was 35 fights undefeated, he had won everything that needed to be won in the lightweight division, in the eyes of most he had little else to prove. His 36th professional opponent did however have plenty to prove, an up and coming young Mexican named Marco Antonio Barrera. Hamed was 1/8 favourite to beat Barrera in the 2001 bout at the MGM Grand.

Hamed approached the fight with his usual extravagance, having a hairdresser flown in to give him a $2000 haircut and even sending a member of his entourage to Mexico at the last minute to collect some specially made goatskin gloves. He even demanded to meet the president of the MGM grand to demand that he was given a suite that no other boxer or celebrity had ever been given, one which was reserved for gamblers who would routinely spend in excess of $5m in the casino.

Ultimately he was ill-prepared for the fight up against a well drilled Barrera and he suffered his first professional defeat, one which would quickly send the prince into obscurity. Little Prince Big Fight follows Nas in the days leading up to the fight, the result is a class documentary filmed by people who would not of course have expected that it would chart a historic boxing moment and effectively the end of Hamed’s career. We consider this one of the best boxing documentaries ever produced.

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