Natural World: Birds of Paradise

Published on 6th May 2017 by

New Guinea is home to some of the worlds most mysterious and fascinating birds, so unique and beautiful that the first Europeans to come across them believed that they had escaped from the Garden of Eden. The birds are known as the ‘birds of paradise’, 39 species of bird which were first documented in full by the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace in the 19th century.

In this episode of BBC Natural World, presented by David Attenborough, a film crew follows a team of New Guinean naturalists as they embark on an expedition deep into the rainforest to try and shoot footage of some of the birds of paradise. Also worth a watch is the 2012 National Geographic documentary Winged Seduction: Birds of Paradise which follows an eight year long project by two Americans to seek out and film all 39 of the birds of paradise which were first documented by Russel Wallace.

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