MysteryQuest: Hitler’s Escape

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A 2009 episode of the History Channels MysteryQuest series, this documentary explores the examines the theory that Hitler escaped his bunker at the end of World War II contrary to Soviet claims that he had committed suicide in his bunker and that his body was burnt and buried. Formerly classified FBI documents prove that American Authorities were concerned by an apparent lack of proof that any body was discovered and undertook and eleven year long investigation into the possibility that he had escaped the Argentina.

The Soviets exhumed what they believed to be the body of Hitler and the KGB took it back to Moscow, the MysteryQuest team travels to Moscow with a group of scientists and requests to perform tests on those remains. They also interview the last surviving member of Hitler’s inner circle. If you are interested in the theory that Hitler survived the war and escaped Germany then check out the Channel 4 documentary Hitler of the Andes (2003).


Hitler’s alleged new life in Argentina living alongside other senior Nazi’s was the subject of the bestselling book Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler, published by Sterling Adult and available to purchase in paperback, hardcover, kindle, and audio book formats.

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