My Brother The Islamist

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My Brother The Islamist is a 2011 documentary by tree surgeon turned filmmaker Robb Leech, it follows his attempt to reconnect with his step brother Richard Dart who had converted to Islam in 2009 and fallen under the spell of radical preacher Anjem Choudary. Leech began filming with Dart just three months after he converted to Islam and already Dart was talking like he’d been a muslim for his entire life, it finished with Dart leaving an airport on the way to his first pilgrimage to Mecca.

The film offered a rare glimpse into the world of Islamic fundamentalism in London, where many converts have fallen under the spell of Choudary, some have gone on to be convicted of terrorism charges. Leech also meets a brand new convert to Islam, Ben from Weymouth, enabling him to understand the process that Dart went through in the early days of his own conversion.

Leech won multiple awards for the documentary. A follow up My Brother The Terrorist was released in 2014 after Dart had been sentenced to six years in jail for planning terrorism offences.

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