Montana Meth

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America has for several years been in the grip of a serious meth epidemic, and some of the worst affected areas are not the major cities but the sleepy towns and cities of states which an outsider would assume innocent. One of the states which has seen a serious problem is Montana, and that problem was brought to the attention of the world through a series of shocking TV and print ads from the Thomas Siebel funded non-profit organization the Montana Meth Project.

This film, Montana Meth, is a 2007 TV documentary which goes straight to the heart of the problem. It features two meth addicts who tell their story, as well as some recovering addicts and the people involved in attempting to combat the problem. The addicts are Graham, a 16 year old former high school athlete and A-grade student who in just a year of addiction had seen his physical and mental strength seriously decline, and his friend Crystal a 22 year old addict who in three years of addiction has seen her previously very normal life fall apart.

The filmmakers also talk to a 21 year old named Rhianna who talks about how she offered extreme sexual acts in exchange for meth money. We also meet people from the Chippewa Cree tribe who tell how the drug is tearing apart their community.


If you want to read more about the meth epidemic which swept through small town America then consider purchasing Nick Reding’s bestselling 2009 book Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town, available to purchase in paperback, hardback and audiobook formats.

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