The Miracle of Stairwell B

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The Miracle of Stairway B is a 2011 documentary which was broadcast on UK’s Channel 4, it tells the story of how 12 firefighters, a police officer, a bookkeeper, an engineer and an office worker survived the collapse of the North Tower on 9/11 despite being on the 22nd floor inside the building at the time.

They found themselves trapped in a small pocket having been on the staircase at the time of the North Tower’s collapse, they were eventually found and rescued by emergency services in the aftermath, Stairwell B is commonly referred to as the ‘Survivors’ Staircase’. If you want to learn more about the survivors and their experience after watching this documentary check out this awesome article.


FDNY Battalion Chief Richard “Pitch” Picciotto, the most senior of the 12 firefighters to have been saved in the pocket, authored the Number 1 best selling biographical book Last Man Down: A Firefighter’s Story of Survival and Escape from the World Trade Center, available in paperback or hardcover. The book has got very mixed reviews, with some claiming that he had exaggerated his own story to claim hero status.

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