Michael Carroll: King of Chavs

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In 2002 Michael Carroll, a then 19 year old bin man from Norfolk, won more than £9m on the National Lottery. He went on a lavish spending spree and gained a notorious reputation with the British media, earning the nickname ‘King of Chavs’ – a title that he embraced.

He threw £1 million at his favourite football club Rangers, bought huge gold necklaces, bought and trashed a rural mansion, and would purchase cars and use them for banger racing. He also developed a crack cocaine addiction and attracted an army of parasites using him for his money. By 2006 he was almost broke.

Michael Carroll: King of Chavs is a 2006 television documentary by the comedian Keith Allen, who attempts to get close to Carroll. He follows Carroll as he ‘trains’ for a charity boxing match against TV Gladiator Rhino, gets to know his band of parasitic friends, and attempts to help Carroll record a song for his daughter (you will cringe).


In 2006 Michael Carroll released the book: Careful What You Wish For: The Story of Michael Carroll’s Lottery Win, available to purchase in either paperback or hardback.

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