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Methadonia is a 2005 TV documentary which follows a group of recovering drug addicts at the New York Center for Addiction Treatment Services over an eighteen month period. The majority of the ‘clients’ are former heroin addicts who have swapped out their heroin addictions for the prescribed substitute methadone. The clients collect their methadone from one of three dispensaries in their neighborhood.

The film was heavily criticized by many people who are in recovery or who work in the drug treatment profession as exploitative,  condescending, and aloof. The DVD reviews have been particularly bad with some people claiming that Michel Negroponte (the director) purposely selected people who were not committed to the program who would abuse their treatment by ‘topping up’ their methadone with other substances. Who knows.

NB: Unfortunately this documentary is currently trailer only, due to the source video being removed. We will replace should an alternative become available.
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