Meet the Ukippers

Published on 16th February 2016 by

A 2012 documentary which follows faithful members of the Thanet branch of UKIP. It was in the Thanet constituency that leader Nigel Farage was set to have his 7th attempt at being elected to serve as a Member of Parliament. The film revolves mainly around the brief career of Liz Langton, the owner of a ‘dog hotel’ and a volunteer press officer for the local branch.

The fly-on-the-wall documentary proved controversial after the confession of one member, serving Councillor Rozanne Duncan, who stated that she has an issue with black people. A furious Nigel Farage expelled her from the party. The film also captures local party leader Martyn Heale’s attempt to shield himself and his party from a growing news story, a newspaper had picked up on the fact that he was once an active member of the far-right National Front.

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