The Man Whose Arms Exploded

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Gregg Valentino was one of bodybuilding’s most controversial figures, and well known for having the largest biceps in the world. The New York born Italian-American was initially a natural bodybuilder, but unsatisfied a lack of progress he eventually turned to anabolic steroids and testosterone injections.

Valentino eventually developed an infection in his arms which got so serious that he developed blood clots which he failed to seek medical attention for, instead using syringes to periodically withdraw two pints of blood and pus himself. He was admitted to hospital as a medical emergency and whilst surgery saved his arms from amputation they were a much smaller size.

The Man Whose Arms Exploded (2005) is a documentary which tells his story and serves as a warning against the use of steroids and their effects.


In 2010 Valentino published his autobiography Death, Drugs, and Muscle, available in paperback or Kindle edition

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