The Mafias Secret Bunkers

Published on 6th June 2017 by

Italy’s most famous organised crime group is the Cosa Nostra, and for a long time they were the most powerful, but that mafia has been overtaken by a lesser known but increasingly powerful mafia group called the Ndrangheta who originate from the Southern region of Calabria and have grown to become Europe’s biggest cocaine traffickers.

The Mafia’s Secret Bunkers is a 2013 BBC documentary by author and crime historian John Dickie, he is granted unique access to an extensive network of bunkers that the mafia had used to evade capture from the Italian police and is given an insight into the hi-tech techniques that have been adopted by the authorities who attempt to capture members of the brutal brotherhood.

The police in Italy rely on spy planes and super grasses to make progress in their war against criminality in Italy, but they are up against a culture of fear and silence. The Italian public is reluctant to provide information about mafioso because they fear for their lives and have no faith that the state can ever defeat them and regain control.

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