Madchester: The Sound of the North

Published on 5th February 2016 by

Madchester was more than just a sound, it was a way of life. At the tail end of the 1980’s a completely new sound appeared, it took strong influences from the dance scene of the same period as well as alternative and psychedelic rock. The scene gave birth to a wave of exciting new Manchester bands including The Stone Roses, New Order, The Happy Mondays, The Charlatans, James and many more. The scene was spawned out of The Haçienda nightclub and fueled by the party drug MDMA.

Madchester: The Sound of the North is unique among documentaries about this period in that it was actually made during the period (1990), rather than as a retrospective. Madchester would suffer a decline soon afterwards to be replaced first by imported American grunge music, and later Britpop and the emergence of another Manchester band – Oasis.

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