MacIntyre’s Underworld: Mad Dog

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Donal McIntyre spends time with former Ulster loyalist paramilitary leader Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair, a mean who struck fear into the hearts of the people of Northern Ireland for many years. At the time of filming Adair had fled to Scotland where he lived in exile after a feud with with fellow loyalists, he knows that if he steps foot into Northern Ireland he will be at risk of assassination. Adair led the C-Company group in Belfast, a group which is thought to be responsible for over 40 murders over a period of two decades.

Adair was convicted of directing terrorism and received a sentence of 16 years in prison. This all-access documentary was filmed over several months in 2006 and provides an insight into the makeup of the man and his criminal activities. During filming Adair braved a trip to Northern Ireland despite the risks he faced when doing so, and we meet a group of German Neo-Nazi supporters who have adopted Adair as their new leader. Also to feature is lottery Michael Carroll, labelled by the media as the ‘king of Chavs’, who had developed a friendship with Adair.

McIntyre later filmed a second episode with Adair, Mad Dog and the Nazi Nick (2007), which focused on the relationship between Adair and Nick Gregor a former leading Neo Nazi who claims to have changed his ways and denounced many of his white supremacist views. Gregor and his associates idolise Adair and have appointed him the leader of their group.


Johnny Adair published his autobiography, Mad Dog, in 2009. In the book he writes about his life as the leader of the UFF and his time in exile after he was forced to flee Northern Ireland. The book is available to read in paperback, hardback, and kindle editions.

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