Louis Theroux’s LA Stories: Edge of Life

Published on 22nd January 2018 by

In 2012 legendary British documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux relocated his family to Los Angeles after deciding that he needed a break from London. choosing Los Angeles for the lifestyle and the generally good weather. The BBC rented him a small old office in Hollywood which was originally built by Charlie Chaplin. and Louis and a small team set about developing a mini-series set in Los Angeles. The result is the three part series Louis Theroux’s LA Stories.

Edge of Life is the second of the three episodes and sees Theroux spend time at the Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood to explore the subject of terminal illness and death, he follows several individuals who are on the edge of life and are on their last chance of finding a cure for their illnesses. Patients featured include cancer sufferers and an individual in a coma following a drug overdose.

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