Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday

Published on 6th March 2017 by

Louis Theroux visits South Africa to examine the tourism industry built around hunting for exotic animals, hunters from all over the world (but primarily America) visit Africa in order to shoot things. Louis learns how each kill has a price, ranging from $250 to shoot a Porcupine to a whopping $100,000 to shoot a Rhino. An argument is presented that the industry has actually helped to increase the number of animals rather than endanger them.

Theroux attempts to understand the desire of the tourists to travel thousands of miles to kill these animals, with first time hunter Anne-Marie describing the buzz she got from her first kill. Louis arranges to go on a hunt of his own despite being unsure of whether he really wants to go through with killing an animal. You’ll need to watch it to see if he goes through with it or not.

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