Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids

Published on 22nd February 2016 by

Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids is a 2015 documentary by British documentary film maker Louis Theroux, he travels to San Francisco to meet a group of pioneering medical professionals who help children who believe they were born in the wrong gender to make the transition from one gender to the other.

Theroux meets children who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and is told by doctors at the UCSF Hospital that children as young as three can show sings that they are rejecting the gender that they were born with.

The parents of children have to make a difficult decision, do they start the transition early on their offspring’s behalf or do they wait until the child has hit puberty where the transition will be much harder. Medical interventions offered include puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapies, leading to eventual gender reassignment surgery.

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