Louis Theroux: Under The Knife

Published on 3rd March 2017 by

Louis Theroux explores the world of plastic surgery operations, meeting the doctors and other employees involved in the industry in Beverley Hills as well as some of their patients who spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars chasing what they consider to be aesthetic perfection. The hour long documentary was aired on the BBC in 2007.

During the filming he is given an impromptu consultation by surgeon and told that he’d be a good candidate for liposuction. Theroux, who later admitted he was a bit put-out by the suggestion, agreed to undertake the procedure. He also stated that whilst he did feel better about himself earlier, he felt it was a result he could have achieved by eating less and exercising more. Theroux paid the the $5000 cost out of his own money and not his BBC production budget.

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