Louis Theroux: India – Enlightenment

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An episode from the third series of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends show, often incorrectly titled online as ‘Gurus’ or ‘Indian Gurus’, the correct title for this episode is India: Enlightenment. Theroux travels to India to meet Westerners who are seeking enlightenment from one of the many spiritual gurus who are happy to take their money.

In Goa he meets a 57 year old American astrologer (and former psychology professor) who studies meditation, Mike a follower of Swami Ganapathi Sachchidananda, and a lady named Amma who claims to be the reincarnation of Krishna. He follows Amma and 400 believers who are on a three month pilgrimage around India, she claims that she can transfer spiritual powers through hugging. In one amusing scene we get to see Louis chanting in a Hare Krishna outfit. See the full list of Louis Theroux documentaries here


A decade after the first episode of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, and eight years after the last, Theroux released a 2008 follow up book The Call of the Weird: Encounters with Survivalists, Porn Stars, Alien Killers, and Ike Turner, in which he provides an update on what has happened to many of the subjects. It is available to purchase on Kindle, paperback, hardcover, or audio book.

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  • Avinash 4 months ago

    Just a FYI Amma doesn’t claim to be an incarnation of Krishna, or anything at all for that matter. She is linked to the divine mother on many levels.


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