Louis Theroux: Gambling in Las Vegas

Published on 6th March 2017 by

Louis Theroux heads to Las Vegas to examine the casino culture for this 2007 documentary, meeting with punters and the people whose job it is to keep those punters happy and, most importantly, spending their cash.

He meets with some of the casinos high rollers including a mattress entrepreneur named Allan who is given the all-star treatment by his ‘friend’, a Hilton employee, on the basis that they expect him to gamble a huge amount of money. He proceeds to rack up losses of $250k, which he asserts he is ‘happy’ with but clearly is not (a blogger from LadBible managed to find out that as of 2016 the mattress millionaire Allan is now an Uber driver!).

We also get to meet a retired doctor named Martha who had visited the casino every day for 7 years and says that she has gambled away $4 million on the slot machines over that period, much to the obvious dismay of her son Seth (it is his inheritance, after all). Louis meanwhile manages to turn his $500 personal gambling budget into $700 on the tables. Watch more Louis Theroux documentaries.

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