Louis, Martin and Michael

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Louis Theroux had always been interested in Michael Jackson and had made several approaches to see if Jacko would be interested in allowing him to make a documentary about him, but he never heard back. In the summer of 2002 he decided to start making one without Jackson’s consent, hoping that Jackson would agree to contribute at a later stage.

Theroux makes some numerous attempts to get an interview with Jackson for the film and is seen meeting with Jackson’s friend Uri Geller and with Jacksons’ father Joseph Jackson in the hope that one of them could arrange a the all important interview with the elusive pop star. Theroux had to pay $5000 to interview Jackson’s father, and a $500 arrangement fee from a shifty character named Majestik Magnificent who claimed to be the personal magician of Michael Jackson and Muhammad Ali. At one point Theroux offends Joe Jackson by alluding to Michael being homosexual.

Michael Jackson had decided to allow Martin Bashir to make a documentary about him instead of Theroux, on the recommendation of Uri Geller who was suspicious of Theroux. The Bashir documentary was to be a disaster for Jackson and would effectively end his friendship with Uri Geller, who is clearly personally devastated by that decision. Also consider watching the notorious Bashir documentary Living with Michael Jackson.

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