Living with Wolves

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Living With Wolves is a 2005 documentary about Jim Dutcher and his wife Jamie Dutcher, a couple who spent six years from 1990 to 1996 living with and filming an untamed pack of wolves in Idaho to observe their behaviour. The couple earned the packs trust over time and gained unprecedented access to their lives.

The couple made several documentaries and wrote books about the wolves which helped to quell some popular misconceptions about the animals, for centuries wolves had been characterized as blood-thirsty beasts. Their original 1997 documentary Wolves at Our Door was nominated for three Emmy awards, winning one (not currently available to watch on Documentary Vine). This 2005 documentary focuses more on the life and career of the couple and was nominated for one Emmy award.

In 2007 the couple formed the non-profit organization Living with Wolves to travel around the United States to talk about the true nature of wolves and the importance of the presence of wolves for a healthy eco-system.


Jim and Jamie Dutcher have authored several books about wolves, the bestselling has probably been the hardcover book The Hidden Life of Wolves which contains some stunning photography. The book was published by National Geographic.

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