Life on Air: David Attenborough’s 50 Years in Television

Published on 14th March 2016 by

A 2002 BBC documentary which celebrates the career of British national treasure Sir David Attenborough, most famous for his narration of nature documentaries, produced to mark the 50th anniversary of his first television appearance (15 years later at the time of writing and he is still going!).

The documentary is presented by Michael Palin, another legendary British TV presenter and adventurer, and features segments of an interview with Attenborough about his career as well numerous clips from the BBC archives of some of his most memorable moments on television. You can watch David Attenborough documentaries right here on, also worth a watch is the programme produced to celebrate Attenborough’s 60th year on television – Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild.


In 2010 Attenborough published a new expanded edition of his autobiography, Life on Air, which provides an overview of his carer in much greater depth. It is available in paperback, hardcover, and audio book formats.

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