Let’s Get Lost

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An Academy Award nominated 1988 documentary about the turbulent life of jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, a talented musician who achieved most of his acclaim and fame in the 1950’s. Like many musical geniuses he lived a troubled life and his his notoriety and fame was partially driven by a well-publicized drug addiction. The documentary is written and directed by Bruce Weber and is named after a song that Baker recorded for Pacific Records.

Numerous people speak in front of camera for the film including his ex-wives, children, and various other associates. The film juxtaposes two decades of Baker’s life, the 1950’s when he was at the height of his fame and playing with numerous jazz greats and the 1980’s when his crippling heroin dependency kept him in Europe. The film compares the young, fresh and handsome Baker with the down and out Baker that he had become in his later years.

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