Laughing With Hitler

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Laughing with Hitler is a 2007 BBC Storyville documentary which examines the story of the Third Reich through the jokes told by the Nazi’s and about the Nazi’s in Germany at the time, and the punishments that were handed out by the regime to some of those who told them. Jokes about Hitler were punishable as treason and during the war years as ‘unpatriotic’ (which believe it or not was seen as more serious than treason, and punishable with death).

Werner Finck, a cabaret artist, spent a period of time in a concentration camp for telling an unpatriotic joke and the actor Fritz Muliar spent time in a penal battalion in Russia for daring to tell a joke about Hitler. Finck was eventually released from the concentration camp and after the fall of the Nazi’s resumed his career as one of Germany’s leading cabaret performers.

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