Killer in a Small Town

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A feature length 2009 Channel 4 Cutting Edge documentary which explores the lives of the sex workers murdered by Steve Wright, otherwise known as the ‘Suffolk Strangler’, and tells the story of how the fastest serial killings in British criminal history affected the small town of Ipswich in the East of England. Wright murdered 5 women in the space of just 6 weeks, leaving their bodies in places where they could be discovered by members of the public, leaving females in Ipswich terrified of walking the streets alone.

The film makers interview fellow prostitutes who describe the fear they had when working the streets at the time that their friends were going missing, they were forced back out onto the streets despite the risks due to their dependency on drugs. This is not the only documentary to be made about the life and crimes of Steve Wright, see also: The Suffolk Strangler.


Journalist Paul Harrison and Professor of Criminology David Wilson co-authored the 2008 book Hunting Evil: Inside the Ipswich Serial Murders, the pair arrived on the scene from the moment that the first body was discovered.

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