Just Melvin, Just Evil

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Just Melvin, Just Evil (2000) is a documentary by James Ronald Whitney. In this documentary, we’re introduced to Whitney’s own family that has suffered abuse, particularly family members who were molested when they were kids at the hands of a man named Melvin Just. Melvin, however, denies that he ever sexually abused anyone.

Melvin Just is an alcoholic pedophile who took advantage of members in his own family. The abuse started when he married Fay, also an alcoholic. This documentary focuses on how most of the abuse victims grew up to be alcoholics themselves. They’ve also been afflicted with child prostitution and homelessness, and also have abused other kinds of drugs. They talk openly about their addictions and what happened to them growing up. How young they were when the abuse started is shocking as some of them weren’t even three years old. Melvin married a second time, and abused Venice’s son before he was even potty trained.

This documentary includes the murder of Josephine Segal, who caught Melvin in bed with one of his step-children. Even though Melvin was convicted of no less than twelve counts of child molestation and served eight years in prison, he sticks to his story on camera and claims he’s innocent. The victims in this documentary go back at least three generations, a complete family history of sexual assaults and drug abuse.

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