The Jewish People: A Story of Survival

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The Jewish People: A Story of Survival is a one hour long 2008 PBS documentary hosted by CBS news correspondent Martha Teichner, the film focuses on the Jewish people and the simple achievement of survival through thousands of years of antisemitism, and unsettlement, it tells the story of how Jewish people have retained their cultural identity and remained true to their faith despite oppression wherever they found themselves, be it under rule by The Romans, the Spanish, the Muslims, or the Soviets. It is also available to purchase from Amazon on DVD for those who want a physical copy for personal use or for use in the classroom.

This documentary was produced by the same organisation which brought us the documentaries Antisemitism in the 21st Century (2007), The Armenian Genocide (2006), and the Emmy award winning documentary A Yiddish World Remembered (2002). Also well worth a watch for those seeking more comprehensive look at Jewish history is the 2013 BBC series The Story of the Jews.

NB: Unfortunately this documentary is currently trailer only, due to the source video being removed. We will replace should an alternative become available, in the meantime it is available to purchase on DVD or stream or Amazon if you can’t wait.

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