The Jewish Americans

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The Jewish Americans (2008) is a three part series of feature length documentary films written and directed by the multiple award winning film maker David Grubin, originally aired by PBS. The series examines 350 years of Jewish American history, from the very first settlement of Jews in 1654 to the present day.

It is ultimately a story of how a tiny minority integrated into the American mainstream and thrived whilst simultaneously maintaining a strong sense of their own Jewish identity. The series was released on DVD with various special features including an interview with the filmmaker and a segment on authentic Jewish cooking. Each episode is almost two hours in length, they can be navigated via the tabs below the video embed above or using the links below.

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Also check out the fantastic 2013 BBC series The Story of the Jews by Simon Schama for an overview of Jewish history on a global context rather than just an American one.


The entire series was released as a two-disc DVD set, if you enjoyed the series and wish to watch it at the highest quality without disruption then consider purchasing it.

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