Ivanka Trump: America’s Real First Lady?

Published on 4th September 2017 by

A 2017 Channel 4 documentary by Matt Frei, a former Washington correspondent, which asserts that Ivanka Trump holds significant influence in the White House and that could well be deserving of the title of the first female president of the United States. The documentary begins by giving a background to Ivanka’s life prior to the point at which her father decided he was going to run for president, including her time in modelling and then her rise up the ranks of the family business,

Feri assembles an assortment of people to put in front of camera who talk about Ivanka’s possible importance to the administration and ultimately assert that it was her who held the balance of power and swung the election in Trumps favour. Appearing are various writers, academics, journalists, and a psychologist. Frei has also made several other Trump related documentaries for Channel 4 including The Mad World of Donald Trump (2016) and Meet the Trumps: From Immigrant to President (2017).

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