It’ll Never Last

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It’ll Never Last is a 2004 Channel 4 Cutting Edge documentary about unusual marriages, it focuses on three British women who have each turned their backs on British men to pursue relationships which can be considered less conventional. The women find love in Uzbekistan, Tanzania, and Rimini, proving that love really does not know any boundaries.

One of the women to feature in the film is Countess Alexandra Tolstoy, a member of the British aristocracy who grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth in a picturesque Cotswold’s village and fell in love with a Russian-speaking Muslim horse guide who grew up in poverty in soviet-era Uzbekistan. Another woman, Gemma Burford, was adapting to live in a rural Tanzania after falling in love with a Masai warrior despite neither of them understanding each-others language.

What Happened Next?

Countess Alexandra Tolstoy and the Uzbek horse guide later separated and she married a Russian billionaire, who himself fled the UK after Vladimir Putin came looking for him. Gemma Burford and Lesikar the Masai Warrior had two children together, the children live with their mum in the United Kingdom whilst Lesikar moved on and had more children with other women in Tanzania.

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