Islam and the West

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A three part 2009 documentary series produced by ZDF and presented by Craig Sechler, it explores the history of the complex and often turbulant relationship between the Middle East and the Western world, particularly between Islamic dominated societies and those which are predominantely Christian. All three 52 minute long episodes are available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate them using the numbered tabs below the video embed or via the episode list below.

Episode 1: A Prophet Changes the World

Tells the story of the earliest days of Islam, starting when the Prophet Muhammad published the Koran. It covers the early days of Islam, the fall of the Persian and Byzantine empires, and the wars that raged from within the Muslim communities from different sects who interpreted the Koran in different ways.

Episode 2: War and Wisdom

Covers the Middle Ages, the 800 year period which was dominated by the Middle East and Islamic countries were responsible for most of the major advances in science, mathematics, medicine, and the region was probably the most advanced region of the world. During the ‘Golden Age’, a short lived period of relative global peace, the Muslim world shared many of their innovations with the West. The period of peace would come to an end with the Crusades, with Christian Europeans invading the Islamic world in the name of their faith.

Episode 3: The Challenge

Covers the 16th century to the present day, the period which followed Islam’s 800 year dominance of the world, and the continent of Europe took over as the worlds most powerful region. This final episode explores the complicated and turbulent relationship between Islam and the West, including wars and disputes which carry on to the present day.

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