Inside Rampton Hospital

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Rampton Hospital in Nottinghamshire is a high security psychiatric hospital which houses up to 390 individuals who have been detained under the mental health act, including some of the most dangerous criminals in the UK. The patients have not necessarily been convicted of any criminal offense, some are detained due to their mental condition making them a danger to themselves or the public, whilst some patients are convicted criminals who have been transferred to the hospital by courts or from other prisons.

This 2011 documentary, Inside Rampton Hospital, is the first time that film crews have been permitted access to the hospital and to some of the staff and patients. Some members of the public have criticised the public, buying into the perception that it is a holiday camp for some violent criminals who should be in prison, others argue that the mentally ill should receive the appropriate humane treatment in order to attempt to rehabilitate them and reintegrate them into society.

You may also be interested in watching the documentaries we have about Broadmoor, the UK’s most famous high-security psychiatric hospital and at various times home to notable patients like Peter Sutcliffe (the Yorkshire Ripper) and Ronald Kray (one half of the the Kray Twins).

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