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Michael Mosley (well known for the documentary Eat, Fast, and Live Longer) takes us on a journey inside the human body using cutting edge computer graphics technology, the latest science, and the stories of various remarkable humans from around the world, this groundbreaking series was broadcast by the BBC in 2011 and consists of four episodes – all of which we currently have available to watch on Documentary Vine.

Episode 1: Creation

The first episode focuses on human biological creation, revealing the improbable sequence of events which lead to the birth of a human. Stage of the art graphics follow millions of sperm on their dangerous race to the egg and reveal the extraordinary way that the female body weeds out the weak and selects only the best sperm for the egg. The episode also follows a couple who are expecting triplets, from their 4D scan to the point of their dramatic birth.

Episode 2: First to Last

This episode focuses on the bodies daily struggle to stay alive and the numerous small miracles that your body performs on a minute-by-minute basis, beginning with your very first breath when your first intake of oxygen leads to an instant re-plumbing of your entire respiratory system. Mosley also meets various people who are able to demonstrate how the body can adapt to extreme environments, including a world-champion free diver who is capable of holding his breathe for an astonishing 9 minutes underwater and a lady who has survived for 10 years eating a diet of nothing other than crisps.

Episode 3: Building Your Brain

The human brain is so sophisticated that it takes more than twenty years to mature, and Mosley uses scans of his own teenage children’s brains to show just how many connections our brain loses between the age of 11 and 20 – all part of reaching maturity and it also explains why teenagers are sometimes erratic in their behavior and tend to take more risks. Fascinating people to feature in this episode include a Vietnamese girl who can speak 11 languages and the worlds youngest stock car racer.

Episode 4: Hostile World

The fourth and final episode focuses on the way that the human body defends itself against a hostile world, where sunlight shatters your DNA, and every intake of breath contains microbes with the potential to kill. The body has defenses to repeal these threats and the ability to heal injuries on its own. Interesting people to feature include a bull fighter who relies on muscle strength to avoid a violent death and a three year old whose internal army wages a war against the flu virus.


The BBC also released this documentary series as a 2-disc DVD set, if you have want to watch it in the highest possible quality without any ad interruptions then consider purchasing in that format.

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