Injecting Gone Wrong: Swansea

Published on 4th February 2017 by

Swansea in Wales has long been in the grips of a serious heroin epidemic, despite heroin use in the UK as a whole falling sharply, it was a phenomenon famously covered in the hour long 2012 Vice documentary Swansea Love Story. The Welsh heroin epidemic was also explored in a documentary by John Cale of Velvet Underground: Heroin, Wales and Me.

This half an hour long 2016 programme by BBC Three as looks at the effects that injecting is having on users in the city, with a growing number of users having injection related injuries such as abscesses and infected open wounds, some users have even had limps amputated as a direct result of their drug use. The programme is part of their ‘Drugs Map of Britain’ series, which looks at local drug problems in towns and cities all over the United Kingdom.

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