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Infamy (2005) is a feature length documentary about street art, as told by six prolific graffiti artists. The artists attempt to explain just why they are prepared to risk everything to dab paint on the walls of their home cities and beyond. Whether they are mere taggers or painters of full sized murals, they risk their jobs, families and ultimately their freedom to satisfy their compulsion to make their mark without getting caught.

Why do they do it? Do they get a buzz? How do they avoid getting caught? Artists from all over the United States, from New York to Philadelphia to San Francisco give unprecedented access to their lives to provide you with an insight into the way that their minds work. This subject has never been presented so raw, among the graffiti artists to feature are Pray and Gastman, both of whom show their face on film despite the risk that doing so would result in a criminal investigation.

Whether you admire graffiti or hold those who create it in disdain and consider them vandals, you can’t help but admire the pure honesty of those who feature and the passion that they hold for their art form.

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