India on Four Wheels

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India on Four Wheels is a two part 2011 BBC documentary which sees Justin Rowlatt and Anita Rani take two very different road trips around India to examine how the booming car industry has helped to rapidly change the countries economy and the way that people live their lives. The pair went on to participate in two BBC programmes which followed a similar format, China on Four Wheels (2012) and Russian on Four Wheels (2014).

The pair set of from Delhi in opposite directions and each have three weeks to reach Chennai in the South which is the centre of the car industry in the country and has been dubbed the Detroit of Asia. For the trip Anita is driving a brand new Indian made 4×4 down thousands of miles of brand new motorways, whilst Justin is lumbered with a clapped out Hindustan Ambassador which is a symbol of an older India. On his route he examines the darker side to India’s boom, which has seen hundreds of millions of people remain trapped in poverty and the major cities experiencing serious problems with pollution.

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