In The Year Of The Pig

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In The Year of the Pig is an old 1968 documentary film about the origins of the Vietnam War, it was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary. The film proved highly controversial at a time, bringing hostility from certain groups who perceived the film to be anti-American and resulting in vandalism of cinemas that chose to screen it. Some cinemas were even the subject of bomb threats.

The documentary came at a time when there was a growing anti-war movement in America and it portrays some of the most severe battles of the conflict including the Tet offensive. There are numerous brutal and unforgettable images including clips of the Buddhist monk who set himself on fire in protest at the war.

The film is seen as historically important as it preceded other notable anti-war documentaries by twenty or more years, and was a film of an active war rather than one which was made in retrospect.

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