I’m Dangerous with Love

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A feature length 2010 documentary by Michel Negroponte, the man who also brought us Methadonia (2005) and Jupiter’s Wife (1995). Negroponte follows Dimitri Mugianis over a three year period as he administers the powerful hallucinogenic drug Ibogaine to drug addicts. Mugianis himself was an addict with an addiction which cost several hundred dollars per day to maintain and he credited an Iboga detox with saving his life and has not used any addictive drugs since his single dose treatment, now he is a practitioner himself nd offers the treatment to other addicts.

In a former life Dimitri Mugianis was the front man of the cult punk band Leisure Class but is now the prophet of of the Ibogaine subculture, sold as a miracle cure for those suffering from addictions to heroin, cocaine, meth, and other highly addictive substances. In 2011, the year after production was finished on this film, Mugianis and two associates were arrested for possession of Ibogaine which remains illegal in the United States. See more Ibogaine documentaries here.

NB: Unfortunately this documentary is currently ‘trailer only’ due to the source video being removed by the uploader, if it is ever uploaded for free viewing again we will replace the video.
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