If We Had No Moon

Published on 2nd October 2017 by

If We Had No Moon is a 1999 Discovery Channel documentary presented by Patrick Stewart which explains what life on earth would likely be like if we had no moon, and chances are that there would be no life on earth if the moon didn’t exist. If there were any life then it would likely be stuck at the earliest stages of evolution, the documentary attempts to show what the earth was like before it had a moon.

The documentary makes use of computer generated imagery to show how a rogue planet collided into the earth millions of years ago to create a huge chunk of debris which would eventually become our moon, if that collision hadn’t have happened then planet earth would likely be a very different place. Without the gravitational pull of the moon for example the earth would spin much faster, our days would be just four hours long instead of 24 hours. and we’d possibly have an atmosphere resembling that of Venus.

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