I Want to Look Like That Guy

Published on 27th February 2017 by

A feature length 2009 documentary by Stuart MacDonald, in which he attempts to completely transform his body under the mentorship of a hugely successful clean bodybuilder. MacDonald exposes the products and diets advertised on websites and on TV as false advertising, and attempts to show with no tricks or shortcuts what it really takes to look like ‘that guy’ you see in the adverts which promise a quick fix.

MacDonald puts in some serious time and hard work to achieve his goals, starting off as an overweight man with 27% body fat, and this documentary is a potential means of inspiration for those with similar aspirations to radically transform themselves because he looks impressive by the time he has finished. It also exposes some of the marketing gimmicks and fads which promise shortcuts but simply don’t deliver. The results over a year are astonishing.

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  • John Harrison 1 year ago

    Can’t deny that these are impressive results for just one year, must have genuinely put in some serious work in the gym.


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