I Beat Mike Tyson

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Kevin McBride was an unknown boxer for most of his career. He was born in Ireland, where he started his career and competed for Ireland in the 1992 summer Olympics, he then moved to Boston where he carved out a career as a journeyman boxer fighting in small venues all over the United States. Sometimes the shows would sell just a few hundred tickets. McBride lives in a working class suburb of Boston with a young family and has eked out a living in boxing to pay the bills for almost two decades.

There were no big names on his resume until 2005 when he fought the legendary Mike Tyson at the MCI center in Washington, McBride was supposed to be an ‘easy’ opponent for Tyson’s comeback, however the fight propelled McBride to global fame at the age of 32 when an ageing and out of shape Tyson quit on his stool in round 6. It was to be Tyson’s last ever professional fight.

I Beat Mike Tyson is a 2013 documentary which follows McBridge as he prepared for his own final fight. Out of shape and ageing, just like Tyson when he defeated him 8 years prior, the film perfectly captures the struggles that your average pro contends with as they come to the end of their career. The documentary is a little depressing, but sometimes reality is.

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