I am Fishead

Published on 29th March 2016 by

Based on the Chinese saying that a fish rots from the head, this 2011 documentary explores those at the top to determine whether we should rightfully blame them for the problems in our society. What is uncovered is the somewhat unsurprising discovery that those at the top of the pyramid are more likely to have the profile of a psychopath than the rest of society.

This film looks into what really makes a psychopath and how they may come to be seated at the top of the chain. Unlike what Hollywood movies may have you believe, psychopaths are not necessarily scary looking murderers. In fact they often go entirely unnoticed. The medical definition of a psychopath is simply a person who lacks the empathy and conscience needed to make moral decisions. It is easy to see therefore, how many politicians at the top of society could be classed as such psychopaths!

Through interviews with many renowned psychologists as well as those who have served at their country’s highest levels, this documentary explores what it truly means to be a psychopath and the shocking implications that these truths can have on all our lives.

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