Hunt vs Lauda: F1’s Greatest Racing Rivals

Published on 24th March 2016 by

This moving documentary examines the rivalry between two of formula 1s greatest drivers and their managers who almost got them killed.

There is both unseen footage and interviews from family, friends and many of those who worked closely with both drivers during their intense rivalry in the 1970s.

.The documentary shows how the rivalry was in fact as much between the two team managers as it was the drivers. Ferrari, headed by Daniele Audetteo and McLaren under Alastair Caldwell would demand victory from their drivers no matter what danger ensued.

We see Lauda remarkably survive almost dying in his car as it burst into flames at the Nurburgring track in 1976. The Austrian fought his way back to take on ‘True Brit’ James Hunt in the season’s remaining races which culminated in an extraordinary Japanese Grand Prix, where one man took all the glory and the other was left in ruins.

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