The Hunt for Hitler’s Scientists

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The Hunt for Hitler’s Scientists is a 2005 National Geographic documentary which tells the story of how towards the end of the war the allied forces sent covert teams deep behind enemy lines to try and track down Germany’s leading scientists, it was essential that these scientists couldn’t complete their inventions because if they did it could win them the war. The Germans had seen heavy losses, and had lost Romania and Bulgaria, but they were not going out with a fight and pinned their hopes on swiftly completing their research and production of an array of new advanced weapons including rocket planes, long range ballistic missiles, and even an atomic bomb.

The British, American, and Russian governments knew that they couldn’t sit by and hope that ground forces could finish the job whilst risking the chance that Germany could be strengthened in the intervening period by advanced technologies, so they each sent in their covert teams of agents to track down scientists and engineers working on specific projects. America and Britain also knew that they had to locate the base of these projects before the increasingly powerful and expansionist Soviet Union if they wanted to ensure their post-war security, they didn’t just want to prevent Hitler from benefiting from the technology – they also wanted the technology for themselves.

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